Newborn Pictures

Newborn pictures…to get them or not to get them?


I did not even realize they existed for regular people when I had my children, I had only seen the famous Anne Geddes photographs.  Then I found the most amazing photographer to capture my children in their toddler years. I have reviewed a lot of her newborn work and am constantly amazed by all that I see.  I would 100% recommend newborn photos if they are in your budget.  This is a priceless memory that will last forever, and your baby is only a newborn once.  You cannot get back those incredible first few weeks.  They go by in a blur because you are busy, running on adrenalin and often do not sit back and see what is going on right in front of you.  You will not be sorry for capturing those precious moments.  Click on Cate Scaglione Photography and enjoy!

Lorraine Moskowitz-58IMG_7716


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